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    The perfect sound studio for your PC! With MAGIX Music Studio 12 deluxe you can make your musical ideas reality in no time: Record instruments, vocals or speech, add effects, sounds and synthesizers, master with the new pro mixing desk, and burn the finished composition onto CD in a flash. Then showcase online or present as gifts to family, friends or relatives.

    1. Record & Arrange: Be creative: Use one of the many MAGIX Vital Instruments™ or record a melody with an instrument of your own. Practical assistants, professional tools and advanced MAGIX technology transform your idea beat by beat into the complete audio track. With 64 audio tracks and an almost unlimited amount of MIDI tracks, the sky's the limit for your creativity.

    Easily make your ideas reality:
    • Effortlessly compose your own music
    • Record vocals and instruments
    • Simultaneously edit Audio & MIDI files
    • Record live performances and rehearsals

    2. Edit & Mix: Professional sound tuning and an easy-to-use mixer provide the best results. Start working with fantastic realtime effects and use the high-quality cutting and editing functions. The first-class audio engine and various ultra-realistic instruments leave no stone unturned when it comes to your audio editing needs.

    Unlimited audio range:
    • Optimum sound
    • Integrated MIDI editing
    • Quick & easy remix
    • Effortless mixdown
    • Cut loops & samples
    • Realtime effects in studio standard
    • Virtual music instruments

    3. Master & Burn: With MAGIX Music Studio 12 deluxe you have in your possession a highly developed mastering and burning program that has been able to boast continued success over many years in numerous studios all around the world.

    Audio & MIDI - integrated entirely into one program. The complete, fully incorporated audio and MIDI technology lets you easily process audio sound and samples: track as well as object-related.

    AudioID – The musical fingerprint. Information on individual audio tracks and whole albums can now be requested from an online database. Finally it's possible to assign the track information you've been missing like title, album and genre at the touch of a button or supplement the incomplete details of whole music archives.

    MAGIX Vita™ is not only a sound sample player, but thanks to its numerous editable parameters it's also a sound designer that adds life to your music. A control center for a multitude of Vital Instruments™ that sound so real that you won't believe what you're hearing.

    Progressive sound! The new virtual analog synthesizer, MAGIX Revolta™, creates flexible, powerful and warm lead & bass sounds. The versatile spectrum of sound ranges from soft, smooth sounds to impressive sound fireworks.

    MAGIX Track Editor: Full control! The Track Editor enables quick access to all important details and settings of each selected track at all times: Record and monitoring status, volume, plug-ins, MIDI/Audio inputs and outputs, equalizer settings.

    MAGIX Mastering Suite - Optimum sound for your own CD from the very start. Use the presets and the limiter to perfect your music effortlessly.

    MAGIX Atmos provides lightning, rain, and other nature sounds like farm animal noises, in seconds. Atmosphere at the push of a button! ​
  2. gracias seria bueno un tuto para ver como funciona
  3. espro que funcione
  4. Espero que funcione
  5. Ok, buen programa
  6. gracias por el aporte

  7. perfecto me encanta
  8. gracias por el aporte
  9. gracias por el aporte
  10. aprovarlo .gracias
  11. graciassssssssss
  12. genial programa
  13. Gracias buen aporte
  14. gracias

  15. exelente¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  16. Gracias man x el aporte!! bajando..
  17. gracias por el programa
  18. Gracias por este programa
  19. gracias bro
  20. Hola me gustaria saber como empiezo a descargar el programa que por cierto me parece muy interesante y te doy las gracias por colgarlo, pero no encuentro el enlace para empezar la descarga muchas gracias. Saludos
  21. Muy bueno gracias
  22. graciassssss
  23. Thank`s for share
  24. graxias por el aporte men
  25. gracias
  26. Muchas Gracias Conozco este Poderoso Programa Pero la Versión del 2003 :)
    Muy Buen Aporte Saludos ..................
  27. Bien, creo que estaba buscando este prograa. Graias.
  28. descargando te aviso pero desde ya gracias por el aporte
  29. Gracias por el aporte
  30. que tal espero que sea bueno

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