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    You play as Samuel Gordon, scion of the ancient Gordon clan that has inhabited Black Mirror Castle in England for centuries. Samuel's grandfather, William Gordon, has died under the oddest circumstances. Prone to secrecy and increasingly odd behavior, the elder Gordon started locking himself away in one of the castle's towers, where he was researching mysterious family legends. One night someone or something made its way into the locked tower, and Gordon fell--or was pushed--out the window, impaling himself on a wrought-iron fence far below. With the family in mourning, Samuel returns to the castle and reacquaints himself with his grandmother and meets various family friends and servants, like the butler and family doctor. In his quest to get to the bottom of William's death, Samuel also explores other locales, like a quaint nearby town, an old church, a morgue, and a mine.
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    Orale..Gracias por el aporte:D
    Se ve interesante....:suicide:
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    Graciaspor el aporte :)
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