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  1. ryderr

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    WCDDL is a whole new DDL script created from scratch by the WarezCoders Team. Our sole aim with WCDDL is to phase out the current "standard" and bring a new one in which will totally benefit the "Warez Scene" while also providing webmasters with a fully adaptable, feature-rich script.
    The currently completed features are as follows:

    * Admin Panel
    * Blacklist
    * Whitelist
    * SQL Based White/Black List rather than Text-Based
    * Queue
    * Maintenance Tasks
    * Add Downloads
    * Edit Downloads
    * Delete Downloads
    * Hack Check
    * Download Ratings
    * Download Views
    * Pre-Optimised Database
    * Sites Tracking
    * Module Support
    * SEO URLs Supported
    * Compatible with All Autosubmitters
    * Customisable Types
    * Recent Searches
    * Full Pagination
    * Delete all related downloads when blacklisting an URL
    * Cookie-less Admin (For Security)
    * Customisable Download Frame
    * Search Within a Type
    * Valid CSS & XHTML Strict Design


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    Genial amigo..Gracias por el aporte :D
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    Gracias Por El Aporte
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    Gracias por el aporte :)
  5. interesanteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!graciasssss
  6. muchas gracias por el aporte y bajando
  7. gracias amigo descargando
  8. buen post

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